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- Ergonomic close-to-back design - works great in crowds!
- Splits into two smaller backpacks when needed!
- Expandable - over 13 liters of extra space when you need it!
- Advanced water-resistant materials and quick-access pockets.
- Zips to Onli Travel Rolling Suitcase for One Bag Travel!


Venture Backpack: The front and back components of the Onli Venture Rolling Pack combine together to make a great backpack on it’s own. It’s expandable, with over 13 liters of extra space when you need it, but a minimalist, close-to-your-back design that works well in crowds when not expanded. The front of the backpack zips off, creating two smaller/lighter daypacks when needed. The front also straps to the back of an airline seat, providing easy access to all of your items during flight, and the top pocket zips open into a shelf for your tablet. The handle between the backpack straps makes it easy to grab like a briefcase, and it also stands up like a briefcase. The back has vented padding for comfort. The sternum strap is fully removable; use it or not, as you wish. The rear unit is equipped with a TSA checkpoint-friendly laptop pocket to store a computer and extra space with elastic straps to stow papers, clothes or folders. The RFID protected top front pocket has cable access for headphones or a charger cable to connect to electronics inside the bag. The pocket is organized to hold a tablet or iPad, a charger, pens, a cell phone, business cards, a notepad, and other quick access items. The bottom front pocket perfectly holds your charging cables, 3-1-1 cube, umbrella, or raincoat. Two pleated quick-stash pockets hold your train tickets, passport, receipts, or access cards. Multiple water resistant zippers are lockable. The backpack is made out advanced durable water resistant materials.

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