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Are You a FlashPacker?


We’re happy to announce a further expansion of our distribution in March. On March 29th, we will launch on, a site that focuses on… you guessed it… flashpackers. You might wonder… what is a flashpacker?


To answer that, we’ll delve into the segmentation of travelers. One of the most interesting things about travelers is how we as a group define our preferences and priorities, and how those change over time.


At Onli Travel, we try to be innovative when thinking about market segments and traveler preferences. For example, regarding products, we believe that there is a convergence occurring between the “backpack” segment and the “luggage” segment. People want both. Travelers want the hands-free convenience of a backpack when they are traveling light, but they want the security and packing convenience of a suitcase. They want to roll through airports, but stroll through cobblestone streets or outdoor markets with both hands free. We’ve tried to invent products that meet both needs… in one product! This shift towards versatility has been fueled by improving technologies that make it easier to travel light… cell phones, light-weight travel clothing, etc.


But evolving preferences also play a role. Years ago, “backpack travelers” had a pretty strong correlation with “budget travelers”.  These were the “Europe on $10 a Day” crowd, that stayed in hostels or pensions, and spent as little as possible. Their backpacks were probably left over from teenage camping trips. But, guess what happened? These travelers grew up, and they still wanted the advantages of traveling light, and they still often preferred a backpack over a suitcase. But, now they had higher incomes and more of a focus on quality. The quality of their travel experience mattered more, as did the quality of their gear. They wanted products that optimized their experience.


Hence, the term “flashpacker” was born… backpackers who want the right travel gear… practical, durable, and well designed. This segment wants to maximize the value of their travel experience, and they want gear that goes the extra mile for them, and helps solve their travel problems. When they travel for business they want to be efficient and presentable. When they travel for fun or adventure, they want to have fun or adventure… and not be bogged down by their gear. If they are digital nomads (another segment we’ll explore in the future), they want the best possible gear for a lifestyle of working in distant locations on the road.


This segment is growing, and  so it’s logical that retailers have begun to emerge that focus on the segment. is a leading site addressing this trend, and we are happy and proud to be launching on their site this month. Check them out! As our distribution expands, we learn more and get better ideas, and hopefully our retail partners get similar benefits from working with us.


Look for more expansion news from us as we grow. Happy traveling!


Dave and the Onli Travel team