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TRAVEL BETTER. World’s First Modular Luggage.

Onli Travel’s patented “three-bags-in-one” system zips together so you can travel with only one bag. But, on crowded flights, zip it apart to fit in tight spaces. Never check a bag again!

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MORE FREEDOM. More Flexibility.

The Onli Travel bag adapts to your journey – from urban commuter to world traveller. It’s expandable when you need it, and you can roll it, or carry it as a backpack.

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LESS STRESS. From Journey to Destination.

Our modular luggage is adaptable – the three bags can be configured over 11 ways, depending on your trip. It uses advanced, water- resistant fabrics. It's TSA Checkpoint-Friendly. It’s RFID blocking.It’s the only bag you need!

Reduce travel stress!

MORE CONVENIENCE. More Organization.

With space for both a 17” laptop and a tablet, our intuitive, quick-access organization helps your stuff find it’s place - with one-zip access to exactly what you need. Our 8 specialized packing cubes fit the bag perfectly, reducing packing time and stress.

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Travel Better. Never Check a Bag Again!

Because Onli Travel’s world class luggage is modular, you can take it apart to ensure that you can make it fit in tight airplane compartments (or even strap it to the tray in front of you!) Because it it expandable, you have room when you need it, but a compact design when traveling light.

All These From One Bag? Modular Luggage!

Onli Travel’s patented modular luggage system splits into three parts and recombines in over 11 different ways to meet any travel challenge. It works as a lightweight backpack, a business or commuting backpack, a weekender bag, a rolling 4-wheel carry on, a travel backpack, or a messenger bag or tote.

Travel Better. Modular Luggage.

Onli Travel enables more flexible and less stressful travel, by anticipating and solving the challenges your journey may throw at you. Modular luggage adapts, separates, and recombines so you can travel light without checking a bag, and still be prepared for anything.

Boardroom or Airplane. Get the Deal Done.

Onli Travel’s elegant daypacks - the Messenger Tote Pack, Expandable Daypack, and Double Pack - work in the boardroom, the airplane, the subway, or on the road. Perfectly organized, modular, ergonomic, expandable, and TSA checkpoint-friendly, with advanced water-resistant, super-durable materials, and a design optimized for quick access and flexible travel.

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“[..] Onli really can fulfill its promise of being the ‘only’ bag you need for almost any trip.”

The Discoverer

“[...]  It far exceeded expectations - in quality, material and details on design."

Morton L. (customer)

“Literally the LAST and ONLY bag I will ever need! Well done!”

Josh D. (customer)

“[...] The Onli is difficult to fault, and it’s made travelling [...] a breeze. The Onli has allowed me to take more stuff than I would, yet I feel as if I’m taking less as all my items are spread out between the Onli and my larger suitcase.”

OMOTG (Our Man On The Ground)

[...] THIS is the best thing as close to perfection in design and functionality that I have found. [...] All I can say is this bag meets every single need I had in mind for the perfect travelling bag, backpack, expandable, modular, rolling case/backpack.”

Guillermo L. (customer)

“[...] The Onli practically envisions every scenario. Designed after 8 separate iterations to encompass every single use-case, the Onli Venture Pack is quite conveniently the only bag you’ll ever need.” 

Yanko Design

"[...] The Onli bag is the coolest luggage I've ever owned! [...] It will have you thinking up trips just to meet the capabilities of the bag. It's hard to imagine a better designed and constructed bag. I love it.”

Johnathan T. (customer)