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“[...] The Onli is difficult to fault and it has made traveling throughout Norway a breeze. The Onli has allowed me to take more stuff than I would [...].” 

OMOTG (Our Man on the Ground)

“[..] Onli really can fulfill its promise of being the ‘only’ bag you need for almost any trip.” 

The Discoverer

“[...] The Onli practically envisions every scenario. Designed after 8 separate iterations to encompass every single use-case, the Onli Venture Pack is quite conveniently the only bag you’ll ever need.” 

Yanko Design

“I love the fact that you can turn it into multiple pieces so you can always easily fit into overhead storage. I never check a bag, but sometimes they look at a wheelie bag and automatically make you check it. No more. Push the handle in and turn it into a backpack. Like magic.” 

Shelli B. (customer)

“[...] The Onli Bag performed beyond expectations! [...] Also, on my return trip it was great to unzip the front section which had all the electronics and a book to conveniently stow under the seat for the plane ride. Most surprising were the number of other passengers asking about my ‘cool backpack.’"

David D. (customer)

“Never thought I'd write an internet review about luggage. But the Onli bag is the coolest luggage I've ever owned! [...]  Honestly, the design of this thing is astounding. It will have you thinking up trips just to meet the capabilities of the bag. It's hard to imagine a better designed and constructed bag. I love it.” 

Johnathan T. (customer)

“As I placed my ONLI bag onto the conveyor at the security checkpoint, the individual behind me in line kept staring at the bag and eventually asked ‘Where did you find that?’ The sleek design caught his eye and he was sold! In addition to being compact and lightweight, it allowed me to carry on my luggage, even when I was the last person onto the plane via standby and the overhead bins were full.”

Ryan H. (customer)

“This bag is amazing. It also looks a lot nicer in real life than in the pictures.[...] it's actually great... subtle, quite suitable for either a corporate or a more casual environment. Feels very sturdy and well-considered. And it's a truly awesome experience when you first try removing/attaching the ancillary compartments (backpack and plane seat gear bag). Even if you've sworn off rolling carryon luggage in the past, give this a look.”

Adam B. (customer)

“This is the best bag/CarryOn I've ever owned. I have replaced at least 4 of my other bags with this one bag. I can use it as a regular suitcase, a personal bag on the plane, an everyday bag for my laptops and as a tech bag to the office and a simple backpack when I'm out sightseeing for the day. It is worth the investment. Highly recommended.” 

Gary M. (customer)


We want people to be able to: 

-Travel with only one bag and have everything they need

-Never have to check a bag

-Have more freedom of movement on their journey

-Travel as they want, for business or for pleasure. 

Travel can nourish the soul. Travel Better.

A message from our founder

I founded Onli Travel after over 25 years of business, adventure, and vacation travel in over 40 countries and every kind of travel environment. I have been an adventure traveler in all kinds of remote locations and travelled to hundreds of cities for business meetings. As airlines tightened requirements, as baggage fees rose, and as planes became more crowded, I wanted to use technology and design to help people travel hassle free and easily adapt on the fly to whatever their journey throws at them.

Onli Travel was born on a frigid runway in South Dakota, when I was forced to gate check my bag and had to wait for it in sub-zero temperatures. I thought “Why can’t I design a modular bag, so that it never has to be checked”? (Read about it here). I decided that I could.

We started with a unique, patent-pending modular bag (it’s really three bags in one!) that will work perfectly for your daily life and is also a one-bag travel solution. We also developed a set of innovative packing cubes that help you pack quickly and optimize space. We launched our company on Kickstarter in April of 2019, and we think we are on to something! No one else has a modular travel solution like ours, and the feedback and encouragement we have received has been terrific! We’ve received several great reviews (see the “press” link here: if you’d like to read them), and our sales and the ideas we receive from our customers have been steadily increasing. 

But we’re not stopping there! We intend to continue to develop additional products to help make travel more effortless and flexible. Please sign up for our email list to hear about our latest news and progress! 

Thanks for visiting Onli Travel and I hope you enjoy your look around. Happy traveling!


Dave Logan

Founder and CEO

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