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New Boarding Options - Another Reason for Modular Luggage!

As many of you know, it’s better to avoid checking a bag if at all possible. (If you are buying a gift for a frequent traveler, ask them - they’ll probably say they avoid checking a bag if at all possible!)

Carrying on is faster, cheaper, and less hassle. And, it avoids increasingly frequent “airline disasters”. For example, check out this story of a Swiss airline that took off with No checked baggage onboard! With tighter times between connections, higher baggage fees, and frequent pilot and crew shortages causing “meltdowns”, it’s much better to carry on - if you can!

Your chances of being able to carry-on your bag increase with modular luggage because you can take it apart to fit in smaller places if the airline is crowded. Also, the Revolution Rolling Pack’s middle unit, the Expandable Spinner, is designed to fit under most airplane seats (unlike most carry-on bags), giving you an additional carry-on option.

But, when you board the plane matters too! This is where United Airlines’ new policy comes in. They recently announced that, after boarding higher status flyers, they would board “window - middle -aisle”, which they call “Wilma”. This should make boarding faster, as passengers won’t have to get up to let people into the window or middle seats. But, it means that, if you like an aisle seat (which most frequent travelers do, for the space and ease of getting up), you are at greater risk of having your luggage forcibly gate checked. Modular luggage reduces this risk.


Airlines face conflicting pressures in designing their boarding processes. They want to do it quickly, but they also want to reward frequent travelers. Time will tell how United’s new policy pans out - for both the company, and it’s travelers.


In the meantime, we’ll keep designing modular luggage that reduces the risk no matter how the airplane is boarded! And, we’ll keep designing features that make your traveling freer and more flexible, with less stress and easier organization.


Happy Traveling!


Dave and the Onli Travel Team