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Onli Travel in Continuing Support for Ukraine

Here at Onli Travel, we are big supporters of Ukraine during these difficult times. Our co-founder, Kyle Logan served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine before helping to launch Onli Travel. We even tested one of the prototypes of the Venture Rolling Pack in Ukraine years ago. Earlier this year we assisted in defraying some of the cost of advertising a photo book that Kyle Logan created of photographs from his time in Ukraine, where 100% of the profits went to two non-profit organizations assisting Ukrainians in their time of need: Ukrainian Action and the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) Alliance for Ukraine. His book raised over $2,000 in total for these two organizations. 

We recently have donated two bags to help Ukraine. The first bag was given to a doctor who served for many years with the US Navy and is now retired. He is over in Ukraine this September teaching new medical and surgery techniques to students and current medics in Kyiv and Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovsk) at the invitation of Razom for Ukraine, a US-based organization that has been assisting Ukraine since 2014 after Euromaidan and the Russian annexation of Crimea. He has sent some images, which we will share in this blog post and on our social media channels from his time in Ukraine. 

Dr. Green initially reached out to Onli Travel via email when he was looking for a bag that could handle a whole 17 day trip without checking a bag; as he was flying from California to Warsaw via London, with another long train trip from Warsaw to Ukraine, as there are no commercial flights to Ukraine right now because of the war. He was drawn to our modular design and packing cubes as a way to stay organized with his limited space inside his luggage. We offered a Revolution Rolling Pack and set of packing cubes to him for no cost. Dr. Green has been pleased on his trip how well Onli Travel’s products have held up on multiple types of travel (taxis, trains, planes and walking). Onli Travel is proud to support Dr. Green in bringing his skills to assist Ukrainians in saving more lives during this senseless conflict. 

Besides assisting Dr. Green, Onli Travel has donated a Revolution Rolling Pack to The RPCV Alliance for Ukraine’s auction to raise funds for their Peremoha Mini Grants initiative. The Peremoha Mini Grants initiative offers Ukrainians who previously worked with Peace Corps Volunteers a chance to apply for $1,000 to $1,500 of funding for projects to assist Ukraine during the war and continue the relationship with Peace Corps, as there are no volunteers physically in the country now, due to the security situation. The bidding starts at $100 for a suitcase that normally retails for $369 plus shipping. The auction will be open from October 1st to October 8th. You can bid for Revolution Rolling Pack on the online auction which will take place here:


Onli Travel wants to make travelers' lives easier with our modular luggage. We also know that travel had been a bright spot in Ukraine’s economy until COVID-19 and the full-scale Russian invasion of the country, which directly brought benefits to local people and increased cross-cultural interactions. We are proud to continue supporting Ukraine, and hope that the opportunity to travel without the risk of war to this beautiful country soon returns.