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WELCOME TO ONLI TRAVEL! The Future of Travel Is Modular.MODULAR LUGGAGE ZIPS INTO 3 PIECES. Never Check a Bag Again!STRESS REDUCED TRAVEL! Great gifts for Travelers!ORGANIZATION THAT ANTICIPATES. Packing Cubes that Help You!

One Bag to Fit Them All!

One of the major benefits of the Revolution Rolling Pack is that it is modular, so you can take it apart in order to be compliant with airline carry-on baggage policies. For example, you could roll the entire bag together to the boarding gate and then zip off one part of the bag to be your personal item. Multiple combinations are possible: you can use Revolution Expandable Spinner as your carry-on and the Revolution Double Pack as your personal item; or the Messenger Tote Pack can be your personal item, with the Revolution Expandable Spinner and the Revolution Expandable Daypack attached together as your carry-on, etc.This lets you choose the combination that best suits your style and situation.

A fun way to test our bag was to visit the airport with a packed Revolution Rolling Pack and see if we could fit it into every airline sizer we could find. (This list is not exhaustive of every airline, just the airlines that we could find baggage sizers for!) Also, note that some airlines charge for a carry-on in addition to a personal item; we just tested if each item fit within the baggage sizer. Here’s a humerous look a how Onli Travel's Revolution Rolling Pack sized up to the airline requirements!


Aer Lingus 


Our bag isn't Irish or lucky, just modular so it can be taken on as a carry-on!

Air Canada

We can carry-on on Air Canada!

Air France


We don't have to take a chance with checking our bag on Air France.

Alaska Airlines


Our bag fits so well we could sell it effectively as ice to an Eskimo in Alaska. 

Allegiant Air

Are your bags ready for take-off? Yes, Allegiant they are.

American Airlines


Carry-on or check? I think I will carry-on as it fits. 


We measured our bag and it fits!

Azores Airlines (SATA)


Let our bag soar on board all the way to the Azores! 

British Airways

The Revolution Rolling Pack rules BA's baggage allowance.

Cathay Pacific


Cathay Pacific, the Revolution Rolling Pack is allowed for your baggage allowance.


Condor, we checked our bags, so they don't have to be checked.

Frontier Airlines

Onli Travel's Revolution Rolling Pack has surpassed the frontier of baggage size regulations. 

Hawaiian Airlines


Say aloha to boarding the airplane!



IBERIA stands for I will BE Right Inside the Airplane with you, correct?


The Revolution Rolling Pack fits in the sizer as smooth as ice for Icelandair. 

Japan Airlines


Take your bag on board to the land of the rising sun!


We aren't blue because we don't have to check our bag on JetBlue!


No, LATAM the Revolution Rolling Pack is not too big for cabin baggage.



We are going to Level with you that our bag fits in the sizer. 

Lufthansa/Austrian Airlines/Swiss International Airlines


The Revolution Rolling Pack fits efficiently as Swiss and German efficiency



Yes PLAY, we are ready to board the plane. 

Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines, we did confirm that Onli Travel's Revolution Rolling Pack fits here.

Southwest Airlines


Yep, it fits, so all parts of the Revolution Rolling Pack are a carry-on. 

Spirit Airlines

The Revolution Rolling Pack fits so you can be spirited away with your bag in toe. 

Sun Country Airlines

We sized our bag up and it fits perfectly on Sun Country Airlines.

Turkish Airlines


Our baggage dimensions are within Turkish Airlines guidelines. 

United Airlines

The Revolution Rolling Pack is united in compliance with United's baggage policy. 


We found that our bag fit in the sizer of all 27 airlines we found at the airport, when taken apart and carried with one of the three parts separate as a personal item, and the other two parts zipped together as a carry-on. This means less time checking-in for your flight, less chance of your bag being gate-checked, less money spent on baggage fees, and less time waiting for your checked bag at the baggage carousel. Who doesn't want to save money, time and effort?