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Configuration Options

We’ve had a number of requests to provide some additional information on the different configurations that are possible with the modular Revolution Rolling Pack, and what kinds of travel they are appropriate for. Also, some customers have asked for ways to maximize stability, as the design of the Revolution Rolling Pack, with a narrower wheel base to allow the Expandable Spinner to fit under the seat if needed, can make it susceptible to becoming unbalanced in some configurations, depending on packing and other considerations. 

We’ll consider the following configurations:

  1. Just the Double Pack (or, wearing the Double Pack, and rolling the Expandable Spinner by itself).
  2. All three units are attached together (Revolution Rolling Pack).
  3. Just the front unit attached to the Expandable Spinner.
  4. Just the rear unit attached to the Expandable Spinner.


  • This is a configuration a lot of people forget about! It’s particularly worth considering if:

    • You are comfortable traveling light
    • You are going for a 2-4 day trip
    • You are comfortable carrying a backpack on your back

    If you meet these conditions, this is probably your best option! You have BOTH hands free (think cellphone and a cup of coffee!), you can maneuver quickly and easily through crowds or up and down stairs, and, if you are going on a small regional plane (such as a Bombardier or Embraer), the Double Pack easily splits in two, so that you can make it fit in a small overhead compartment. In addition, our packing cube set fits the expanded Double Pack. It’s actually possible to pack three or four shirts and a couple of pairs of pants in the double-sided shirt and pants folder, one or two pairs of shoes (depending on size) in the shoe cube, and all your toiletries and underwear in our dedicated cubes, and have them fit in the Double Pack, when it is expanded.

    If you like to carry a backpack, but prefer it to be lighter, and to carry your clothes in a more traditional rolling bag, you can wear the Double Pack unexpanded, and use it as your personal item, to carry your computer, iPad, etc, and then roll the Expandable Spinner. We recommend packing the spinner with the heavier items at the bottom, to optimize stability. (This is particularly important if you expand the spinner.) If you use our packing cubes, this usually means packing the Shirt and Pants Folder at the bottom, with the Shoe Cube above it, and the Toiletries and Socks/Underwear cube on top of the Shoe Cube. Since the cubes fit the pack perfectly, this also ensures that the spinner will be packed tightly side-to-side, which also enhances stability.

  • ALL THREE UNITS ZIPPED TOGETHER (Revolution Rolling Pack) 

  • This is a great option if you don’t want anything on your back while you go through the airport, but still want the ability to have one or two backpacks at your destination, while leaving your suitcase behind at the hotel. This also leaves you with one hand free for a cellphone or drink. Also, if the gate agent objects to the depth of the combined bag, or if the overhead compartment on the plane is too small, one or both of the front or back units can be quickly zipped off, and used as your personal item.

    The same recommendations apply to packing in this configuration as above: put the heaviest items in the bottom of the spinner unit, and pack it tightly, particularly at the bottom, as the bottom side panels will now need to also carry the weight in the front and rear units. In addition, if you have a large or heavy computer, we recommend carrying it in the rear unit rather than the front unit. In general, it is best for stability if the difference in weight between the front and rear units is three pounds (1.4 kg) or less, and it’s better for the rear unit to be the heavier of the two units.


  • A number of travelers like this option, as the rear unit can be used as a lightweight backpack, while the front and middle units hold other items. This option can sometimes also increase the likelihood that you won’t get any objection from the gate agent, as, with the rear unit removed, the combination front/spinner unit is not as deep.

    However, it is worth noting that this is likely to be the most unstable option, as the weight of the front unit is not counterbalanced by anything in the back. If you like this option, we recommend that you follow all the packing guidelines above, and in addition, that you pack not more than three pounds (1.4 kg) in the front unit. Above this weight, it is likely that the spinner may be unstable, and tip if you let go of it without resting it against something.


  • Some travelers like this option, particularly if they are going to use the Messenger Tote Pack as a workstation on the airplane. This is also a good option if the Expandable Spinner is expanded, as the weight of the rear unit can counterbalance the weight in the expanded area of the spinner.

    If you like to travel this way, note that this configuration can also have some issues with stability. It is best if you follow the guidelines above, and that you put no more than three to six pounds (1.4 to 2.7 kg) in the rear unit.


  • The Expandable Daypack (rear unit) has a pass-through slot, designed to fit over the retractable handle of a rolling bag (such as the Expandable Spinner). This can work well if you don’t want to carry a backpack through the airport, but still want one at your destination.

    The Expandable Spinner works well for this application if it has been packed correctly. However, as it is a soft bag (not a hard shell), it is important to have it packed as recommended above. Putting extra weight at the top of the bag does decrease stability, so we recommend being careful when you release the spinner, or leaning it against a wall or counter if it is unstable.


    There are an enormous number of ways to configure the Revolution Rolling Pack. That’s the point of modular luggage! It leaves the choice up to you! We hope this blog post is helpful in planning what works best for you.

    Happy Traveling,

    Dave and the Onli Travel Team