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We have been discussing how we – a small travel company - could best support the efforts of all of our health care workers, and others in need, in the current COVID-19 pandemic. This blog post attacks the problem in two ways:

  1. Our sale/donation efforts to support COVID-19 care workers, research efforts, and people in financial need during this time.
  1. Our thinking on what do the next time you need, or want, to travel. A number of people have asked for our thoughts on this. It is no secret that some of us, particularly our brave health care workers volunteering in another state, may need to travel before the Covid19 pandemic is “over” (whatever “over” means). Others may want or need to travel once restrictions are lifted, but want to manage the risks as much as possible.

To support COVID-19 efforts, we are offering 10% off of our entire product line through Mother’s Day, May 10th. But here’s the key: 10% of all sale proceeds will also be donated to one of the following four charities, and the customer can choose where the donation goes:

  • American Red Cross
  • CDC Foundation
  • United Nations Foundation
  • Feeding America

That’s it! It’s that simple. There will be a pop-up code on our website with a code for the discount, and the choice of charity will be made at checkout. It’s our small way of trying to help.

Thoughts on Traveling Now

Amazingly, as of this writing, there is no real national policy for airline travel. Here are a few simple thoughts, from our perspective if you do have to travel now, or in the near future:

  1. Don’t check a bag. Checking a bag exposes you to at least three additional risks:
    1. Standing in line to check your bag
    2. Crowding around the luggage carousel waiting to get your bag (very had to social distance in this environment)
    3. The risk that someone who may be infected handles your bag.
  1. Try to get a window seat, and, of course, try to get a row where the middle seat is open, so you have at least a little distance from your fellow passengers. Our understanding is that the window seat has less air flow that passes over other passengers.
  1. Try to have all the new things you carry as a result of COVID-19 mask, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, easily available at your seat, so that you don’t have to get up or fumble around to get them.
  1. Try to avoid getting up, if possible, during the flight. Walking down the aisle exposes you to all the other passengers.
  1. Try to be empathetic to the stresses the other passengers, and particularly the crew, are under. The more we can help relieve the stress by respecting others, the better the flight is likely to progress. This is truly a time to emphasize that “we are all in this together” – because, on a flight, we truly are!
  1. If you can avoid flying, it is probably a good idea. Social distancing is probably easier if you can drive, or likely even if you take a train (crowded subways, of course, excepted).

None of these thoughts are exactly rocket science, but every little bit helps. We would welcome any thoughts that you may have; please let us know! Our products help with #1 (avoid checking a bag), and #3 (having everything easily available at your seat), and the Venture Rolling Pack, because it is water resistant, is very easy to wipe down or clean compared to a canvas bag or some other suitcases. But, most importantly, do what you can to stay safe!


Dave, and the Onli Travel Team