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Modern Man vs. the Urban Jungle

Primitive man adapted to his environment (which is why we are around today!) Spears and bows allowed more efficient hunting. Learning how to make fire kept our forbearers warm, and kept the big saber-toothed cats away.

Modern man faces a different environment – the urban jungle. It can be equally challenging.

The Onli Travel Backpack is designed to anticipate the challenges of the urban jungle:

  • Abrasion-resistant fabrics defend the bag.
  • RFID blocking material defends your electronics.
  • The padded and vented back panel defends your back, and lets it breathe.
  • Four stabilizing feet at the bottom further reduce wear and tear, and keep dirt away.
  • Water resistant fabrics and zippers defend you against rain.

And, you have the options you need to thrive in almost any habitat in your urban environment:

  • Elegant design, and stand-up stability makes for a professional presentation in any meeting.
  • Expandability allows you to carry your gym clothes, or shop after work.
  • You have the choice of a fully removable and stowable hip belt and sternum strap – use them if you want, or remove them – the choice is yours! (I use mine when I ride my bike to work.)
  • Close-to-your-back minimalist design maximizes your maneuverability in crowds.

Welcome to your urban jungle. Your equipped – with the Onli bag you’ll ever need.