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Our Cube System

A number of people have asked about our packing cube system, so this blog post provides some background and information for everyone.


Our cube system was designed with a several goals in mind:


  1. Fit perfectly in the Onli Travel bag, and optimize space.
  2. Help travelers pack more easily and quickly, with less stress.
  3. Bring some welcome innovation to packing cube design.


The cubes are designed to fit perfectly in the Onli Travel Venture Backpack or Rolling Bag. For example, the lower front pocket of the backpack perfectly holds the 3-1-1 cube and the charger cube. You want quick and easy access to these items, so we designed them to fit in this exterior pocket. Arriving at your meeting, you simply grab your computer cables. Arriving at airport security, you simply grab the 3-1-1 bag with your liquids. (The 3-1-1- cube can also double as a perfect way to carry a potentially wet item, like a travel umbrella or lightweight raincoat).


We designed the main packing cubes to fit sideways in the rolling bag, because that optimizes space. This makes them slightly shorter than conventionally designed cubes, but the space optimization is worth it. So, if you put the shirt/pants folder in sideways at the bottom, and the 2X shoe cube in sideways next to it, you’ve perfectly used the space. The toiletries kit and the socks and underwear cube fit exactly on top of either of the these two larger cubes.


We believe the shirt/pants folder is the first two-sided clothing folding cube on the market. It has capacity for 5 or 6 shirts (depending on fabric, etc) on one side, and 2 or 3 pairs of pants on the other side. In other words, enough, if you pack thoughtfully, to go for about a week. (If you do laundry once a week, this means you can travel forever!) By making the cube two sided, we save space, and the folding design with plastic sheets keeps your clothes wrinkle free.


The 2X shoe cube is another innovation. Shoes are hard to pack, and they can take a fair amount of space. The 2X shoe cube fits two pairs of shoes, and comes with an easy access double zipper and velcro compression straps for tightening down the shoes to save space. With two pairs of shoes packed (for example, casual walking shoes and running or workout shoes) and one pair on your feet, you can go for a long time!


We designed the toiletries cube with an extra pouch underneath, for extra brushes, or makeup, or extra workout clothes, so it works well for both men and women. We designed the socks/underwear cube with a “clean” side, and a sealed “dirty side”, so you don’t need a separate “dirty clothes bag” in your suitcase.


Finally, the suit folder is designed to fit in either of three places where it would be logical to put a suit, coat, or dress - in the mesh sleeve on the top half of the suitcase when it is opened, on top of the other cubes, or in the extra space in the rear unit behind the computer sleeve. The last provides quick access or stowage if, for example, you want to take your jacket off before a flight.


The cube system also works well in the expanded daypack, if you want to expand it into a weekender bag. This is the way I usually travel for 2 to 4 day trips.


So, in summary, the whole system literally helps you decide what to pack, fits it perfectly, and provides you with quick access when you need it, all with innovative design and unique fabrics, which have a “self repairing” weave for minor punctures.


Thanks, and Happy Traveling,


Dave and the Onli Travel team