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Our Fourth Sample - Product Development is Completed!

We’ve been developing The Revolution Rolling Pack for over two years now. During this time, we’ve ordered four development samples, to review and test different ideas and improve on the core design. When we get the samples, we go over every aspect of the bag, taking detailed notes, assessing quality, and testing the different functions. We get the perspectives of professional designers, frequent travelers, and people who have never seen the bag. We test the fabrics and the zippers. We identify problems, and opportunities for improvement. Then, we synthesize, put it all together, and decide what direction to pursue. After that, we write up detailed comments and specifications for the next sample.

We got our fourth sample a couple of weeks ago. We asked for it to be produced in black in ballistic nylon, which is one of the six colors in which we will offer the Revolution Rolling Pack. After a thorough review, we made an important decision: we would not order a fifth sample. The fourth sample met our objectives. We are ready to move into production!

Here’s a snapshot of the bag (which we will be showing at the upcoming Travel shows in late February and March): 

Here’s a few examples of the improvements that we reviewed, that have been built into the fourth sample, to give you a feel for the development process:


  1. We wanted to ensure that the bottom mold of the Expandable Spinner met our strength objectives, and held the handle securely.
  2. From the previous sample, we had decided to widen the top front pocket of the Expandable Daypack, to make it easier to store a tablet or iPad.
  3. We added stiffener to the zip-out water bottle in the Messenger Tote Pack, so that it is easier to insert and remove a water bottle.
  4. We’ve designed security loops for the attachment zippers, and we wanted to ensure they were double stitched, for durability and quality.


There are lots of other examples (it took two days to go through the whole bag!), but these should give you an idea of the development process. We’ve been guided throughout the design by two things: innovating and improving wherever we can, and listening to the input of our customers, whose experience often results in the best insights. 


We’re excited! Completing the development is a significant step, especially in the worldwide pandemic. We’re now looking forward to the next step… producing the bag, and bringing it to market.


Happy Traveling,


Dave and the Onli Travel team