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Stress Reduction in the Middle Seat!

A recent business trip I took to Milwaukee and back on a “basic economy” fare illustrates how the Onli Travel Venture Rolling Bag helps to reduce stress during three crowded, middle-seat hours on a small regional jet.

The flight was crowded – so I unzipped the bag into it’s three modular parts and easily found a way to fit it into the tiny overhead compartments - that won’t accommodate most carry-on bags. So, I avoided gate-checking my bag, and waiting in the crowded jet bridge at midnight with a lot of unhappy people.

I strapped the front of the daypack to the back of the airplane seat in front of me. So, nothing went under the seat… which meant that I had all the legroom that I needed, even on a small regional jet.

I unzipped the fold down shelf, and got out my iPad with keyboard. This enabled me to do emails and check out our website while sitting in the middle seat… without having to ask the person in the aisle seat to move so I could fumble overhead for the items I needed. My notebook was also in the top pocket right in front of me, as well as my spare battery, so I also recharged my phone and wrote up notes from the last meeting I was in as well.

When I got tired (the flight was getting in at midnight), I put away my tablet and got out my blow-up neck pillow and eye shades, which were in the bottom pocket right in front of me. I put on my headphones and caught about 45 minutes of sleep before the flight landed.

I then walked past all the grumpy people waiting in the jet-bridge for their gate-checked bags, caught my Uber, and got home in time to get a reasonable amount of sleep!

One bag travel with the modular Onli Travel system. It turns the middle seat into a productive spot, rather than a cramped adversary. And, I’ll never have to check a bag again!