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The Onli Venture Backpack Top 5

Someone once asked me what the five coolest features of the Onli Venture Backpack are. I felt like the student who had been unexpectedly called on it class! I had to think about it for a minute. When you’ve worked so hard on something, you tend to have a passionate commitment to every feature and a real desire to list them all. Pick the five coolest features?! Challenge accepted.
Putting my traveller’s perspective hat on, I came up with this list:
1. The front and back of the Onli Venture Backpack zip off from the rolling bag.
They then recombine into a world class daypack. This patent-pending feature has several benefits: the bag is TSA Checkpoint Friendly compliant, the daypack can be taken to a meeting or around town while the rolling suitcase stays in the hotel, and the daypack can be separated into two lighter, smaller backpacks. This feature enables one-bag travel, because you don’t need to carry a separate backpack. And one-bag travel is easier and more enjoyable for any traveler!
2. The front of the daypack can be strapped to the airplane seat in front of you.
The top pocket of the daypack becomes a zip-down shelf that can hold your tablet, enabling travelers to have all the legroom they need, while still having everything they want easily accessible for the flight. Now, you can work or watch a movie on the plane with ease. The middle seat never looked so good!
3. The bag splits into three pieces, which helps you avoid being forced to gate-check a bag.
Each of the pieces is pretty flat (and can easily fit under the seat in front of you), maximizing the chance that you can (somehow, someway!) get it to fit in a crowded overhead compartment. Since I began traveling with the prototypes of the Onli Venture Backpack, I’ve never had to check a bag!
4. The dedicated cube system perfectly fits the bag and teaches you how to pack light! A lot of people want to travel light, but have trouble figuring out how. The cube system solves this problem! Pack the cubes as indicated. Put them in the bag. They fit, and you probably have everything you need.
5. The daypack is a great everyday bag.
It’s perfectly suited to fit today’s electronics and for well-organized, convenient access. It not only looks sleek and stylish, but is appropriate for any meeting. The close-to-your-back design is more comfortable and works better on a crowded bus or subway. And the fact that it is expandable (a rare feature in most daypacks) means you’ll never run out of space, and you’ll be able to pack for a weekend using just the daypack.
So there you have it! Five great features, all with the Onli Travel commitment to quality and functional design, and the philosophy of letting the traveler choose the configuration they want, so they’re never unprepared while on-the-go. We believe that no other bag enables one-bag travel so easily or better anticipates a traveler’s needs on their journey than the Onli Venture Backpack.
Happy traveling!
Dave Logan
Founder and CEO