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WELCOME TO ONLI TRAVEL! The Future of Travel Is Modular.MODULAR LUGGAGE ZIPS INTO 3 PIECES. Never Check a Bag Again!STRESS REDUCED TRAVEL! Great gifts for Travelers!ORGANIZATION THAT ANTICIPATES. Packing Cubes that Help You!

Three Bags in One!

The backpack in the three pictures above is the same backpack. But, by allowing it to zip apart, and then to zip to your rolling bag, we’ve allowed it to have many configurations… to anticipate your needs while traveling, commuting, wandering, or confronting the unexpected.

In the middle is the minimalist version. You get it by zipping the rear unit off from the front, and just using the rear unit. The ultra-thin, close-to-your-back design is perfect is you are just carrying a computer, if you want to put the backpack under a raincoat, or if you just want to take a water bottle and your jacket on an autumn walk.

On the right is the middle version… front and back units zipped together. This still works as a casual daypack, but it adds superb organization for your tablet and other electronics, room for other incidentals, and water bottle and umbrella side pockets, which makes it perfect for commuting. And it’s elegant design and free-standing characteristics make it effective in any business meeting.

On the left is the expanded version… when you unzip the expansion gusset, you get more than 13 liters (about 3.5 gallons) of additional space. This turns your backpack into a weekender bag, or a four day business trip bag. Or, it can carry your gym outfit for after work, or help you with your shopping.

Want more? Since the backpack zips in 2, BOTH front and back can be used as lightweight backpacks. So, if you and a companion both need a bag, problem solved!

And, the bag zips to the Onli Travel rolling bag… which you can then roll through the airport… or carry as a backpack.

Your bag should anticipate your needs and solve your problems. It should provide flexibility and convenience when you need it. That’s exactly what we’ve tried to do at Onli Travel.

Happy traveling! (Or commuting, or wandering, or meeting… or whatever!)