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Winning the War on Small Regional Jets

My wife and I attended a wedding in Lake Tahoe, California this past weekend. On Sunday, after wishing everyone well, we drove to Reno airport to fly to Monterey, California. This necessitated a connection in San Francisco.

Of course, both planes were absolutely full, and, understandably none of the mask-mandated passengers were particularly happy about it. Small regional jet flights like these often combine the frustration of few alternatives with little service (bottled water only!) and crowded conditions.

Of course, the overhead compartments were too small for a regular carry-on… or for our fully packed Venture™ Backpacks (although I was proud of being able to attend the wedding packing only in the Venture Backpack… but that’s another story…)

Of course, however, we had the solution! We unzipped our Venture™ backpacks, and put the two front units on top of each other, with one of the rear units next to it:

The other rear unit went across the aisle:

The result: we had legroom on both flights, and avoided lugging our bags back to the jet-bridge to be gate-checked, like several passengers did. And, of course, we walked past the crowd of passengers waiting for their bags to be brought up to the jet-bridge at the end of the flights.

These may seem like small things, but travel right now is still stressful, and anything that allows a traveller to arrive more energized and less stressed is probably worth it. It certainly seemed that way to us! 

We will keep developing products that allow you to travel more easily, adapt to the challenges your journey throws at you, and that let you arrive relaxed and ready for your destination. That’s our promise. More coming  soon!

Happy Traveling,

Dave and the Onli Travel team