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WELCOME TO ONLI TRAVEL! The Future of Travel Is Modular.MODULAR LUGGAGE ZIPS INTO 3 PIECES. Never Check a Bag Again!STRESS REDUCED TRAVEL! Great gifts for Travelers!ORGANIZATION THAT ANTICIPATES. Packing Cubes that Help You!

Directions and Instructions

Unboxing Instructions (PDF Version)




Thank you for ordering an Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack, or an Onli All-In-One Bundle (which includes a full set of our packing cubes specifically designed for the Venture Rolling Pack)!

We really appreciate your support of our young company, which is trying to truly deliver world class products that make travelers lives easier, and help make it easy to travel light without checking a bag.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use our products, please go to the “videos” section of There’s a “how to” video there, and also a video about the packing cubes.

When you first unbox the Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack, note that there are four features that you’ll see which are actually used fairly infrequently, or about which you may want to make an initial setup decision. They are:


  1. Compression straps. These are really only used if you have a fully packed bag, and want to compress it prior to boarding or checking it. To stow them, disconnect them from the front unit, and then push them into the pockets in the rear cover.
  1. Rear cover. This is usually only used if you are checking the bag, in order to protect the back padding on the rear unit from being damaged when the bag is checked. To stow the rear cover, unzip it, fold it, and then stuff it into the pocket behind the back padding on the rear unit. If you think you will rarely use this feature, take the time to fold and stow it neatly the first time you do it, so that the rear padding doesn’t have a “lump” from the stowed rear cover. The rear cover pocket closes with velcro.
  1. Hip-belt. Most people rarely use hip belts, but if you are going to be backpacking extensively with the bag, it can be very helpful, as it shifts the weight to your hips. The hip belt is fully removable. Once removed, it can be stowed behind the rear padding, or in a pocket.
  1. Sternum strap. This is the strap on the shoulder straps, which fastens across your chest. This is also fully removable. Most people make the decision to either keep this on (helpful if you are often running for trains or buses), or take it off (quicker to take off your pack, and a little more elegant). The choice is yours!

Once you’ve taken these initial steps, you are ready to go. Enjoy your bag! If you like it, we’d really appreciate a review (under the individual product on the “shop” page). If you would like to contact us with any suggestions or ideas for future development, send us an email at


Happy Traveling!

-The Onli Travel Team