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2022 Review and 2023 Outlook

Happy New Year to the Onli Travel Community! Happy New Year Everyone! 2022 is in the books… and it was a remarkable year!

We introduced our frame-breaking new product, the Revolution Rolling Pack (and the entire Revolution Series !)  to the world. Over 700 people liked the idea and signed up to get one - sometimes two or more - before we even had them in stock!

The reasons aren’t hard to see. There is simply nothing else like the Revolution Rolling Pack on the market today. Where else can you get a product that is:

  • A four-wheel spinner,
  • Three bags-in-one, recombinable in multiple ways
  • A backpack and a roller,

All in one product? And, it all works together, to handle the challenges that travel throws at us.

And, the “challenges” that travel throws at us keep changing and increasing. For example, look at the recent Southwest Airlines “Meltdown” - over 9000 canceled flights. Who did best in this disaster? The travelers who didn’t check a bag! And informed travelers know that, due to reduced staffing, COVID restrictions, and demand fluctuations, these kinds of meltdowns are now more likely than they used to be.

The response to our product introduction has been terrific! Many customers have written to us about their reactions. Here are a few representative quotes:

“Hi, Friends, I just received the Onli Revolution Modular Rolling Pack, and it is spectacular. I love it. So much. Every detail is thoughtfully managed. Even the logo treatment is cool.”

David B.

“We just received our two All-In-One Bundles on Monday!!! We love it, and used it for an overnight business trip on Wednesday. This is the best travel gear I’ve ever purchased, and I was a dedicated Hartmann fan for decades.”

David K.

“I just received my bag this morning and I absolutely love it! We're going to be traveling around Spain in a few months- can't wait to try out my Onli. Thank you for your hard work, patience, and persistence in getting our rewards to us. I know it's been a trying and stressful campaign, but you're crossing the finish line like Rockstar! These bags are awesome!!”

Robyn B.

“Christmas came early!!! I just finished following the unboxing guide and practicing all the options. I already decided this is my new Goroka luggage - It comes so close to fulfilling everything I have ever wished for in my luggage it’s almost psychic! Now I might just have to buy another one for my wife 😎.

 I find the attention to details awesome so far and I can’t wIt to see how it holds up logging thousands of miles in the next 4 months. Thank you!"

 Philippe R.

We thank everyone who supported us in the development of this product, which (partially due to COVID) took 3 years to develop and produce.

Looking to the future, we think 2023 is going to be an interesting year as well. Now that we are in stock and finished with our crowd-funding campaigns, we will be expanding our distribution. We’ve also received some enquiries from companies and organizations (such as FEMA, for example) that are interested in outfitting their organizations with a product that will enable them to travel more easily and flexibly. And, we’ve got some great new product ideas that utilize further the modular ideas we have developed.

The future of travel is modular! The Revolution has begun!

As you can tell, we’re excited and optimistic, and we look forward to sharing this next phase of our journey with you! And, we thank everyone who has lent us a helping hand along the way!


Happy Traveling, and Best Wishes to All for a Great 2023!

Dave and the Onli Travel Team