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Support for Ukraine

At Onli Travel, we try to make travel freer, more flexible, and easier. It’s what we do.

But, we live in an interconnected world. Freedom to travel assumes there are free nations to travel to and from, people who welcome visitors from other cultures and nations, and safe places to travel to.

In Ukraine, all of that is at risk now. A country, and its brave and free people, are being threatened with death and destruction.

Our co-founder Kyle Logan, was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine from 2016 through 2018. He worked to build the free civil society that is now threatened. I visited him there, and saw the potential and courage of the country. A lot of our ideas for the launch of Onli Travel were formulated on that trip.

Kyle has put together a photo book of his experiences in Ukraine, that showcases the beauty and potential of the country, as well as helping Americans understand it’s history and culture. Sadly, it also shows many places that have now been destroyed. He’s launching a crowd-funding campaign to offer the book on Indiegogo, to raise money for two charities that are supporting Ukraine in its time of need. Here’s the link to his campaign: here 

We’d like to help at Onli Travel as well, so we’ll be supporting the campaign and getting the word out, and helping where we can. We’re normally just focused on our efforts at innovation and customer support, but sometimes something comes along that is bigger than products or business. We want to be part of the effort to support the Ukrainian people. I frankly cannot think of a more worthy effort.

Thank you for listening, and we hope you will consider supporting Ukraine.

Dave, and the Onli Travel Team