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One Bag Travel Road Trips in the Era of Covid19

A lot of people really, really want to travel again. And, a lot of people are uncomfortable with the precautions needed to get on an airplane in the era of Covid19. But, they want to GET OUT OF THE CITY… even if only for a weekend!


Concern over flying will change over time, as vaccines and better treatments and better understanding of exactly how the virus spreads are developed, but it’s a real concern right now. So, a lot of us are doing what we haven’t done in quite a while – packing up the car for a road trip.


My love of lightweight, one bag travel was born on a road trip. When I was 19, two friends and I packed up my ’65 Plymouth Valiant, and headed off on a month long odyssey from California to New York, budgeting $10/day for the travel. We each packed exactly one backpack, as we were planning to catch the cheapest flight we could find to Europe and travel for several more months. That proved to be a wise decision, as we picked up stuff along the way, and because it’s no fun to lug multiple bags into a Motel 6 somewhere in New Mexico in a thunderstorm. We ended up being gone for over five months, which made our one-bag-each choice an even better decision.


That advice is still sound today. Almost any vacation can be handled by one bag for your clothes, electronics, toiletries, and travel essentials. Save the space in your car for the antiques you will buy, the blow-up kayak for the river, or the seat space you’ll need for your nieces and nephews at your brother-in-laws house. (His spare bedroom probably doesn’t have much space for extra suitcases either).


You will still need a daypack when you get there. You’ll be walking to the beach, hiking up the hill, or exploring the city. You and your spouse may start the day together and then split off. Having a versatile lightweight backpack when you arrive at your destination makes the vacation easier and more fun.


And, if you really have to try to work on your email in-basket while your teenager drives, it’s nice to have easy access to your electronics, and a place to put your iPad. (Ditto if you want to silence the kids with a movie or game).


The bottom line is that one-bag-travel still makes travel easier and more flexible, even on a road trip where you don’t have to fight check-in lines or gate agents. Our Venture Rolling Pack works perfectly for longer trips, and the Venture Backpack expands perfectly into a weekender bag for shorter trips. It will simplify and de-stress any road trip… just as one bag in my ’65 Valiant did a long time ago.


We’re running a road trip promotion right now… send us a photo (to of your Onli Travel bag on your road trip after you buy it at a discount, and get an additional $50 discount! It may not result in a $10/day travel budget, but it’s still the best deal out there for three bags in one! (Detailed rules below.)


Happy Traveling!


Dave and the Onli Travel team

Onli Travel “Road Trip Promotion” rules:

  1. Any customer who purchases an Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack, or all-in-one bundle from our web site from July 14th through July 31st may participate.
  2. Participants may email a photo or video of their Onli Travel product on a road trip or other travel experience to Photos should be in good taste and appropriate for sharing on social media. Onli Travel, in it’s sole discretion, will decide if a photo is appropriate to post. Participants must also include a mailing address for Onli Travel to send a check to.
  3. By submitting the photo or video, the participant agrees that Onli Travel may post the media on it’s website or social media, in it’s sole discretion, and agrees to the rules of the promotion. Participant agrees that Onli Travel will resolve any interpretation of the rules, in it’s sole discretion.
  4. If the photo or video submitted is deemed appropriate for posting by Onli Travel, Onli Travel will mail the participant a check for $50.00. No other compensation will be offered.