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Train Travel with the Onli Bag

A lot of people are considering different ways to travel, once Covid19 restrictions open up, given the concerns about the tight spaces on airplanes, and the risks of sitting too close to other people. While most people’s knee-jerk reaction to Covid19 is to drive somewhere, not everyone wants to drive, and some people don’t have cars. And, some people want more relaxation getting where they are going!


So, consider taking the train! Train travel normally isn’t as crowded as airplane travel… the seats are normally bigger, spaced farther apart, and often the trains travel with a lower percentage of seats or compartments occupied. And, many long distance trains offer rooms or “roomettes” (Amtrak’s phrase for a 2 person private compartment that makes into two beds at night). So, while not as private as your own car, it’s a viable alternative to consider if you don’t want to fly.


And, it’s fun! You get a different perspective than car travel, where you can tire of the responsibilities of driving, and there’s no way to get up, stretch, and walk down to the observation car! Train travel is also among the most ecologically friendly ways to travel, with far less carbon emissions per person-mile travelled than cars or planes.


We’ve taken our Onli Travel products on several train trips, and they work perfectly! The modular design works helps a lot… if the overhead space in the train is too narrow, just zip the bag in half! We can even certify that zipping the bag apart into it’s modules enables it to fit in the incredibly tight “closet” on an Amtrak train! I doubt any non-modular bag could make that claim!


The ability to strap the front module of the Onli bag to the tray on the back of the seat in front of you also works well on most trains, so you can have all your items easily accessible. And the ability to use the Venture Rolling Pack as either a backpack or a rolling bag comes in handy when climbing up the narrow steps to board a train, or negotiating the stairs between the lower and upper decks.

We designed Onli Travel products to support a better, lighter way of traveling, that reduces stress and adapts to what the journey throws at you. These ideas don’t stop at the airport… they work just as well on a train, or commuting to work.


We’re all looking forward to when we can travel again, and that time is coming. Here’s to hoping that we can all travel better in the future!