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WELCOME TO ONLI TRAVEL! The Future of Travel Is Modular.MODULAR LUGGAGE ZIPS INTO 3 PIECES. Never Check a Bag Again!STRESS REDUCED TRAVEL! Great gifts for Travelers!ORGANIZATION THAT ANTICIPATES. Packing Cubes that Help You!

Brought too much on your trip?

The Onli Travel Rolling Backpack was designed for one bag travel. It today’s competitive, airline-restricted world, you want to carry on whenever possible. One bag travel reduces stress and travel costs, and makes everything about travel easier.

Until you are wandering through the market in Nepal, and you come across two antique wooden masks, carved by hill tribes, which would go perfectly in your house. (Yes, this actually happened to me while testing the very first prototype of the Onli Travel bag in Nepal!)

Never fear! We’ve got you covered. The Onli bag has the following features for just this type of situation:

  • Both the suitcase and the daypack are expandable! When you expand both, you have over 60 liters of usable space.
  • If you have to check your bag, there’s a pull-out rear cover, that zips over the back padding, protecting it from dirt or tearing.
  • Hidden compression straps deploy from the rear cover, to compress the bag if you need to.
  • The backpack straps stow away, so they won’t catch on the luggage carousel.
  • The daypack has a pass-through slot for the telescoping suitcase handle, so you can easily carry it on top of your suitcase, if it gets too heavy.
  • And, when it finally comes off the luggage carousel, the three handles make it quick and easy to grab from almost any angle.

In my case, in Nepal,  I simply expanded the bag, packed up the wooden masks, and went down to the hotel lobby for a drink. Problem solved!