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How the Onli Travel Venture Backpack Helps Ease Your Commute

Your daypack should be a flexible assistant that supports your lifestyle. The Onli Travel Venture™ Backpack was designed with this in mind, to support three goals, by being:

  • A great bag for lightweight travel
  • A great backpack for business
  • A great backpack for your everyday life.


To make your commute easier, we designed in the following features:

    • Close-to-your-back daypack design that lets you slip through the subway crowd. If you commute in an urban environment, you just don’t want a backpack that juts out in back of you. You want it close to you (which is ergonomically better for you anyway), so you don’t have to remove it when the bus or train gets crowded. Our minimalist, close-to-the-back design accomplishes exactly that.
    • Quick access pockets make everything immediately accessible. If you are lucky enough to get a seat, you can get your laptop or tablet out, and crank through some emails, set up a meeting, or catch up on social media posts. Plus, the flat style makes a perfect “table” on your lap for your tablet or PC.
    • Technology fits: perfect configuration for tablet, laptop, phone, charger, headphones, cables. Every gadget you have can be accessed with one zipper, without rummaging through layers of contents. The organization is intuitive and works for a busy urban lifestyle.
    • Fast-stash pleated pockets handle your receipts, tickets, and access cards. We designed the front quick-stash pockets specifically for these need-it-right-away types of items. Never fumble for your train ticket again!

Happy commuting!