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Improvements from Venture to Revolution

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about “What’s different?”, when comparing our original Venture Rolling Pack with the new state-of-the-art Revolution™ Rolling Pack, which will launch soon on Kickstarter. This blog post attempts to summarize the key differences, as follows:

In addition to the major differences outlined above, there are a host of smaller changes that make each of the components of the bag better… from the hidden water bottle holder in the Messenger Tote Pack to the improved organization of the Expandable Daypack, to the solid base and tapered design of the Expandable Spinner. And, all three of the units have improvements in materials and stitching that make them even more durable.

Here’s a few of the benefits of some of the design changes:

  • The four wheel design of the spinner enables you to turn the bag sideways when entering or leaving the airplane, making it easier to roll without hitting the seats.
  • Moving the expansion gusset from the front module to the rear module enables the Expandable Daypack to be a far more functional backpack and/or weekender bag on it’s own, and also ensured that the front Messenger Tote Pack unit could always be used as an in-flight workstation when strapped to the back of the seat in front of you.
  • Turning the rear cover into a multi-functional under-pack carrying sling adds carrying capacity and flexibility as more people take “bleisure trips” that combine business and pleasure.

Of course, many things stay the same… the patented three-module design that helps you to avoid checking a bag, the quality materials, and the ergonomic and quick-access design. Our commitment to help people realize the freeing and stress-reducing benefits of one bag travel through our designs hasn’t changed. But, the Revolution Series has definitely raised the state of the art!

Happy Traveling,

Dave and the Onli Travel Team