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Are You a Bleisure Traveler?

“Bleisure travel” - combining business travel and personal travel - is an emerging topic in the travel industry right now. The reasons are not hard to see:

  • Work-personal life boundaries in general are blurring. They have been doing this for some time as technology has advanced, and the pandemic, with so many people working at home, has accelerated this trend.
  • Approximately 37% of business travelers will add a personal component to a business trip this year. The trend is growing.
  • Businesses have shifted from looking suspiciously at employees adding on a personal component to a trip to actively (or sometimes tacitly) supporting this trend, recognizing that it’s good for employee morale and retention, and that it makes employees more willing to travel.
  • Travel service suppliers, such as hotels and airlines, are interested because Bleisure travelers tend to travel more frequently and be better informed and more technologically savvy than the average business traveler. 
  • Finally, to state the obvious, if the company picks up the tab for an employee to visit an attractive destination for business, it’s cheaper to bring a significant other along, with all the relationship benefits that implies. Almost 50% of Bleisure travelers travel with someone else for the personal part of their journey.

Maybe we were a bit ahead of our time, but we saw this trend in 2017, when we began designing the original Venture Rolling Pack, which we are now replacing with the Revolution Series (which will launch on Kickstarter in the next couple of months). The whole idea of One Bag Travel was to have a bag that would work well in a business environment, but also for personal travel, from adventurous excursions to relaxation, to simply taking in the sights of a new city. In fact, our original business trip for Onli Travel was a Bleisure trip - we visited China to meet potential suppliers, and then took the first prototype of the Venture Rolling Pack trekking in Nepal!)

Here are some of the features of the Revolution Rolling Pack that make it ideal for a couple considering packing light for a Bleisure trip, using only one bag:

  • The bag accommodates two 17” laptops and two tablets… ideal if one spouse wants to answer emails in the hotel while the other attends the convention
  • The Double Pack (the front and rear components of the modular Revolution Rolling Pack) can split in two when needed… so, for example, a couple can go together to a trade show in the morning, and then split up if one spouse needs to continue to some meetings while the other one wants to wander the city
  • Both the backpack and the Expandable Spinner are expandable, so if you buy souvenirs or pick up samples at your meetings, we’ve got you covered
  • And, of course, our Packing Cubes help you to pack light, so you don’t have to check a bag (and, if the airplane is crowded, split the modular bag apart so it will fit!). This allows a couple to easily meet at the airport if one spouse has to stay longer to close a deal or attend a meeting - the other spouse only has to get one bag to the airport!

I could go on, but I’ll stop and simply say, “If you’re a Bleisure Traveler, we have what you want!” We’ll make your trip easier, more flexible, and more enjoyable. Join us on Kickstarter when we launch!

For now, Happy Traveling,

Dave and the Onli Travel Team

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