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The Revolution is Coming! Our Major New Product Announcement – The Full Story!

Here’s the “full story” behind our new Revolution Rolling Pack. (If you want the quick version, go to the post immediately preceding this one: here.  

The pandemic has given a lot of people, including us at Onli Travel, time to think. People are reconsidering the jobs they had, where they live, and what they are willing to do.

At Onli Travel, we aspire to be a continual innovator in travel technology, with the goal of making travel easier, less stressful, and more flexible. That’s what our Venture Rolling pack – introduced in 2019 – and our patent portfolio have been all about. We pioneered the idea of modular luggage which is recombinable, so that you can take it apart when needed, and use it in different configurations to adapt to the challenges travel brings to you.

Starting in late 2019, and continuing through the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, we’ve been working on a great new product, with the goal of surpassing anything we’ve done so far to make travel better. We started by reviewing the feedback from our roughly 1300 customers who have bought our products. Our conclusions were:

  • People really like our product. Modular luggage really does make travel better!
  • The market is growing. People really want to travel again, and they don’t want to wait for checked luggage in a crowd of people wanting to take their masks off. The need for stress-reducing, flexibility-enhancing travel products is greater than it was before COVID.
  • We can do better, building off what we have learned, and what our customers have taught us.

With this in mind, we set out to meet the requests our customers had been making:

  • Design a 4-wheel spinner, for ease of rolling in airports and down airplane aisles. Make it expandable, like the Venture Rolling Pack, with a sturdy and solid base… and keep the handy side pockets that we’re known for, that most rolling bags don’t have.
  • Make each of the two backpacks that modularly attach to the rolling spinner even more functional than they are now, so that they are even better as individual backpacks – or zipped together. And, while you’re at it, give us some more carrying options, and the ability to carry more items, while keeping the superb organization for which our products have become known.

Message received. Mission accomplished.

We’re announcing today the Revolution Rolling Pack series, which we anticipate shipping in the first quarter of 2022. (We’ll get more precise about when it will ship as the scheduling – which is still affected by COVID for some components – gets refined.) It’s revolutionary both because it is a 4 wheel spinner (hence, we couldn’t resist the name “Revolution”!), and because of how much it’s going to revolutionize travel (including, by the way, your daily commute, or your trips around town!)

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be writing regular posts and website updates that detail the features and design of this incredible new product. We’ll be launching on Kickstarter some time in the first quarter of 2022, followed immediately after with availability on our website and our various channels (e.g. Amazon, select retail outlets, etc.) For now, I’ll simply summarize the three or four main new features that this product will bring to market, and then provide some graphics of what’s coming:

  • The middle or “suitcase” unit is now an expandable 4-wheel “spinner” that lets you “glide” through airports or down airplane aisles, rather than “pulling it” like a traditional roller-board. (The whole Revolution Rolling Pack system can also still be worn as a large travel pack, if you prefer that.) It still has a rugged expandable base, and our trademark side pockets, and it’s still expandable!
  • The front backpack has been redesigned, and is now the “Revolution Messenger Tote Pack”. As it’s name implies, with a patent pending strap design, it can be worn three ways: as a messenger bag, a shoulder bag, or as a backpack – your choice! And, it now holds BOTH a tablet and a 17” laptop, as well as having a hidden zip out water bottle holder!
  • The rear backpack has also been redesigned, and is now the “Revolution Expandable Daypack”. It is a great ergonomic, close-to-your-back, commuting or daypack on it’s own (with space for BOTH a tablet and a 17” laptop)! It opens “like a suitcase” for easy access, and, when expanded, becomes a weekender bag on it’s own, which our packing cubes fit perfectly. It can also be combined with the front unit into the even larger “Revolution Double Pack”.

      Here’s the infographic of how it all works:


      And here’s all (or most!) of the different ways you can wear it!


      If you want to join the Revolution, please share this post with your friends, and give us your email address, so we can send you further updates, and let you know when discounts are available, and when our Kickstarter launch occurs:

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      This is going to be fun! More to come soon! Happy Traveling!

      Dave and the Onli Travel Team