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How the Messenger Tote Pack was created

Our next three blog posts will, in turn, review each of the three components of the new modular Revolution™ Rolling Pack that we just announced, so that you get an idea of all the enhanced features and functionality of this revolutionary product. Today’s blog post focuses on the Messenger Tote Pack, the front unit of the three-part Revolution™ Rolling Pack.

Here’s a snapshot of the main features of this incredible bag:


We started with the proposition that we wanted to challenge ourselves to make each of the three components of the Revolution™ Rolling Pack to be more useful on their own than the corresponding unit of our original Venture Rolling Pack. 


When we talked to our customers about the front unit, they made several great suggestions:


  1. Ditch the velcro straps, and come up with something more elegant and useful!
  2. Move the expansion pocket from the front unit to the back, so that, if it is being used, it doesn’t interfere with using the front unit as a zip-down shelf for your tablet on an airplane flight. (Customers really like the feature that allows strapping the front pack to the seat in front of you because it frees legroom and makes all your items easily available in flight, but if the expansion pocket was packed out, it became bulky.)
  3. Find a place for a laptop as well as a tablet. We need both!
  4. Find a place for a water bottle or umbrella, even though you are moving the expansion pocket to the back.
  5. Keep the clean styling, quick access, and superb organization features.
  6. Innovate!


That was quite a list… but we got to work, and can report: Mission Accomplished!


The patent pending multiple-use strap system can be worn as a backpack, a shoulder bag/tote, or a cross-body messenger bag… and it straps to the airplane seat in front of you to give you the in-flight workstation! The straps are refined “seat belt webbing”… incredibly strong and comfortable. However you want to carry it, we’ve got you covered!


We built-in a space for a 17” laptop… and, there’s a hidden, zip-out water bottle pocket that is there when you need it. Since it already holds and perfectly organizes your tablet and all your electronics, the addition of these two features turns the Messenger Tote Pack into a bag that can support you on it’s own throughout your busy day. Leave the rest in your hotel, and take it to your meeting!


We’ve also improved the cable management (it now offers access from both sides of the top front pocket), made the zip down shelf better, and improved the organization and made it more flexible. And, of course, you can zip it to the rear Expandable Daypack, to create the larger Double Pack, which can expand into a weekender!


Here’s a collage of the key features:


And, here’s a few candids that show the incredible versatility of the Messenger Tote Pack:


Happy Traveling! The next post will cover the Expandable Daypack, the companion backpack that solves even more travel and carrying challenges. More to come!


Dave and the Onli Travel Team


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