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Inventing the Revolution Expandable Daypack

Today’s post is about the invention of the Revolution™ Expandable Daypack, the “rear unit” of the Revolution™ Rolling Pack. 

Here’s a summary of the main features of this incredibly versatile backpack: 

When we started working on the design, we knew we were going to move the expansion pocket from the front unit to the rear unit. This would enable the bag to be worn flat and “close to your back” when unexpanded (ideal for maneuvering in crowds, for example on subways or buses), but then expand when you needed to carry extra things. What we didn’t realize is how this change would lead to other insights that dramatically increased the functionality of this bag.

The expansion pocket is designed with enough space (about 14 liters) to allow the Expandable Daypack to become a weekender bag on it’s own, if you want it to. You can pack one of our shirt and pants folders, one of our 2X shoe cubes, a socks and underwear cube, and a toiletries bag all in it. Weekend getaway, here we come!

But when we began sketching it, we realized that it needed to open “flat”, like a suitcase, to allow it to be TSA Checkpoint Friendly (which means that you can go through airport security without removing your computer from the bag - just unzipping it - because the X-Ray can look at the computer with no other obstructions.) This turned out to be a double advantage - not only did we keep the TSA Checkpoint Friendly status, but the “lay-flat” requirement also made it vastly easier to pack and unpack the main compartment!

We also incorporated a space for a tablet (as well as a 17” laptop) into the “door” of the compartment, and used the expansion gusset to deploy two water bottle or umbrella pockets. And we re-designed the front to feature some of the same ergonomic organization for your electronic and other items as our customers had come to appreciate on the front unit of our earlier products.

Like everything else about the Revolution™ series, we aimed to outdo ourselves with new innovations that would benefit our customers. The other major innovation on the Expandable Daypack is the enhancement of the rear cover… which went from just being a zip out cover to protect the bag when you are checking it, to a patent-pending, multi-functional carrying sling that can carry a jacket, sleeping bag, or yoga mat, for example. (This innovation was inspired by my daughter, who told me a lot of people would find this really useful!)

Here’s a collage of some of the key features:

Put all this together, and you have an incredibly versatile and functional daypack that can handle your commute, your shopping, your workouts - and your weekends!

Of course, one final bonus is that you can combine it with the Revolution™ Messenger Tote Pack to form the Double Pack, which gives you more carrying capacity, as well as the ability to split the backpack when needed - for example when you and a companion split up halfway through a walking tour of a city.

Here’s a photo of the Double Pack:

Happy Traveling! The next post will cover the Expandable Spinner, the four-wheel rolling bag that solves even more travel and carrying challenges. More to come!

 Dave and the Onli Travel Team

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