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New Partners and New Distribution

I’m happy to report several developments as we expand our company:


  1. We are expanding our retail distribution in the b8ta stores. These stores helped introduce thousands of people to our brand in the 4th quarter of last year, and the team is great to work with. We’re adding distribution in their stores in Tyson’s Corner (Washington DC area), Chicago, and Seattle, to complement our existing distribution in New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, and Minneapolis. The best thing is we get to travel to all those places!


  1. We struck up an association with a great company called Reddy Yeti, who focuses on adventure and outdoor travel and gear. They did a great unboxing review of our product. They also did a Podcast on the story of our company, which you can listen to here: . We’re very happy to be associated with them, and grateful for the way they are helping us grow our markets!


  1. We are launching in Japan! We got an inquiry from a very smart and savvy entrepreneur called Tomoru Kondo, who is launching our product on Japanese crowdfunding sites. Just for fun, here’s one of our first Japanese advertisements:

It’s fun when you are building a company to try different things… especially when you have a product that people want and that solves a real problem in the world we all live in. I’m writing this blog entry while on a small commuter plane headed to Monterey, California, to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with my wife. The plane’s overhead compartments are way too small for regular carry-ons, so I simply zipped my Onli Travel backpack in half and stowed it without a problem. Legroom is mine!

Happy Traveling!

Dave and the Onli Travel team