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The Onli Launch Year in Review

As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, it’s good to reflect on what has transpired in our company in our first year, and to say thank you to all who have supported us.

(Onli Travel in China)
  • We launched in April on Kickstarter, and achieved roughly 7 times our initial funding goal
  • We’ve been featured in Touch of Modern, The Grommet, b8ta, Amazon, and independent retailers
  • We’ve been written about in Yanko Design , Our Man on the Ground, Travel After Five , and many other places.
  • The Onli bag has been to Brazil, Rome, Venice, and a host of other places
  • We’ve learned a lot, and have some really good products in the design phase for next year
  • Finally, and most importantly, we’re grateful for all the wonderful customers, suppliers, friends, supporters, and advisors who have made our launch year a success
(Onli Travel at Red Square in Moscow)

I feel like we’ve shown that One Bag Travel is something people want. We’ve also shown that it’s achievable, and that people of all walks of life can Travel Better with this philosophy, so that they Never Check A Bag Again. And, that you don’t have to give up quality or style to get the flexibility and convenience of traveling light.

Thank you all, and Happy Holidays! 

Dave, and the Onli Travel Team

(Onli Travel in Boston)