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New Revolution™ Key Features Video and Images

In our last Blog Post, we announced our new Information Portal about the Revolution™ Rolling Pack, including dimensions, key features, set up guide, and more. We’ve now added a Key Features Video to our web page, that shows many of the new unique capabilities of this revolutionary product: 



We’ve also added an abbreviated version of the video to the top of our home page, as well as some new images of the Revolution™ Rolling Pack. We hope you enjoy them, and that they’re helpful in understanding the capabilities of the product.

One of the challenges for a start-up company is communicating the capabilities of a revolutionary new product, especially when it solves multiple problems and has many capabilities. When someone says “backpack” to you, you don’t automatically think “4-wheel spinner”. When someone say “luggage” you don’t always think “modular”. 

The objective of our company is to solve real-world travel problems and hassles. Here are some examples:

  1. If the plane is crowded, we have the solution: take the modular bag apart, so that you don’t have to gate-check it. 

  1. If airlines raise baggage fees, we have the solution: a modular bag and Packing Cube System that allows you to travel without checking a bag, even for long trips.

  1. If you and your companion want to walk the city together for a couple of hours, but then split up for separate meetings or destinations, we have the solution: the Revolution Double Pack splits in two, so you can each go your own way.

  1. If you’re leaving directly from the office for a weekend away, we have the solution: a commuting/business daypack that converts to a weekender.

  1. If you are stuck in the middle seat, we have the solution: a pack that straps to the seat in front of you and provides a shelf for your tablet and access to your things, while saving you legroom.

There’s probably 20 more examples like this that we could give, but you get the idea! The Revolution™ Rolling Pack is designed to solve problems, to make travel freer, more meaningful, less stressful, and more fun. Hopefully our new video communicates some of this!

Happy Traveling!

Dave and the Onli Travel Team

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