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Out with the Old, In with the New! Revolution™ Product Information Now Available!

Well, it happened. As we predicted in earlier blog posts, we have now run out of inventory on most of our products. As of this writing, we’re essentially down to some sets of our packing cubes and a few hip belts. The Venture Rolling Packs, Venture Backpacks, and All-in-One Bundles have all been spoken for. 

We’re proud to have brought the Venture™ Series, the world’s first modular and recombinable luggage, to market, and we thank the over 1300 customers who supported us in launching our company with this innovation. The fact that we sold out during the global pandemic, which has depressed all types of travel-related products and services, speaks to the greater freedom and reduced stress that modular, one-bag travel brings to people. 

We’re even more excited to be bringing the successor product - the Revolution™ Rolling Pack, the world’s first modular 4-wheel spinner - to market in 2022. We’ve worked diligently through the pandemic to incorporate the feedback we got from customers and partners and design a better product that we believe will push the benefits of modular travel to new levels.

We’ve now launched the Revolution™ product information portal here, which will provide lots of information about the new product, including a detailed unboxing guide (which will also ship with every product) that shows all the value-added features of this incredible new bag, dimensional charts, patent information, and infographics. We figure that the more people know about this product, the more the word about the modular travel revolution will spread!

We’ll be out of stock for a few months until the Revolution™ series arrives, but we’re not going to be sitting idle. We’ll continue to build out content related to the Revolution™ series on our website, and we’ll continue to provide updates as we prepare for launch on Kickstarter in 2022.

Thank you all again for your support for our company and for helping us to give birth to modular travel! The best is yet to come!

Happy Traveling!

Dave, and the Onli Travel Team

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