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Traveling with the Revolution™ Double Pack

Our previous blog posts have described the new Revolution Messenger Tote Pack and the Revolution Expandable Daypack. Today’s post talks about the integration of the two into the Revolution Double Pack - a larger backpack that can serve as a daypack or commuting backpack - and can split in two when you want something lighter, or if you and a companion each need a backpack. And, if you get the complete Revolution Rolling Pack that we are launching on Kickstarter next year, you will have three bags in one - the Double Pack, and a great Expandable Spinner!

I’m actually traveling to visit family for Thanksgiving with the latest prototype of the Double Pack right now… so I snapped some pictures and I’ll also show you how it can be packed for a trip of a week or more, and some of the advantages of traveling with a modular bag!

Here’s an infographic of how it works:

As you can see, you get all the features of the two individual backpacks, plus modularity and more capacity.

Here’s how I packed the Double Pack for my 11 day, 3 city Thanksgiving trip:


As you can see, I used our Packing Cube set, and packed 6 shirts, two pairs of pants, workout clothes and shoes, a jacket, and assorted socks/underwear, toiletry items, an umbrella, etc, into the Expandable Daypack that forms the rear of the Double Pack. I had no trouble getting everything I needed into the backpack - the packing cubes and bag are designed exactly for this.

Here is is all closed up:

Then, I attached the Messenger Tote Pack that forms the front of the Double Pack, and loaded it with my iPad, notebook, extra charger, prescriptions, charging cables, etc… and, a sandwich, veggies and cookies, and a water bottle for the 5 hour plane trip. Now it looked like this:

I tossed it on my back and went to the airport. As you can see, I had no trouble getting everything I needed into it, even for a fairly long trip, and I have both hands free! And, if the airplane is crowded, I’ll be able to take the two parts of the backpack apart, so that I won’t have to gate-check anything… or wait with the other masked passengers in the crowded jetway. Here’s a picture of how my wife and I did exactly that on a recent trip:

Admittedly, we love our own products! But, we use them all the time… and we travel much more easily, and with less hassle and stress, because of them.

Happy Traveling and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dave and the Onli Travel Team

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