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Our "How To" Video is Online

We wanted to let everyone know that our “how to” video is up! You can see it at, or on our videos page at

Why a “how to video” for a backpack?! Because our product can do so much! It’s helpful to know that you can:

  • Have 2 separate lightweight backpacks when you need them
  • Have a shelf during flights for your tablet
  • Strap the front unit to the airplane seat in front of you on a flight so that you have more legroom and easy access to items during flight
  • Convert the everyday backpack into a weekender bag when you want to
  • Use the whole Onli Travel Venture™ Rolling Pack as either a rolling bag or a backpack
  • Pull out the hidden compression straps if you want to compress the bag
  • Cover the rear back padding with a hidden cover if you need to check the bag
  • Use the packing cubes to perfectly optimize space

This is why we say it’s the “Onli bag you’ll ever need”. One bag should anticipate the challenges of your journey and handle what travel throws at you.

Note that all of this functionality does NOT make me a particularly good actor! But, I guess the inventor gets to present his product, at least once!

Happy traveling! We’ll be launching on Kickstarter very soon! There will be posts on that in the near future.

Dave and the Onli Travel Team