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Our Launch on Kickstarter!


This is an update to our “Onli Travel is Launching!” Blog post, that I published in late December.

We’ve now made the decision to launch on Kickstarter. We’re excited!  For a self-funded startup like ourselves, Kickstarter has many advantages. It quickly gives the product access to about 22 million viewers. Many of these are people interested in trying new products and helping innovative young companies get started. And, many travel writers and bloggers follow Kickstarter campaigns, so the opportunity for the Onli Travel bag to be reviewed by others increases substantially.

There’s also advantages to our customers. The Kickstarter campaign will launch with a series of discounts off of our regular prices, which means early adopters get the product more inexpensively. And, customers get to see the articles and press coverage that will be generated as part of the campaign. And, the community that springs up from a Kickstarter campaign is beneficial for everyone.

The Kickstarter rules require that there be no sales through other channels before or during the Kickstarter launch. So, we will suspend sales from our website ( until after the Kickstarter launch is complete. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to prepare for a Kickstarter launch, so, the launch will be in about the middle of March. We will, of course, let everyone know when it goes live! The launch lasts for about a month, and normal sales on our website will resume once the Kickstarter launch is complete.

If you’d like to help with our launch, simply tell people about our Kickstarter launch, or sign up so we can email you when it starts. We’re looking forward to getting into the market soon!

Happy traveling!