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Weekend Trip to New York: Turning the Onli Backpack into a Weekender Bag

My wife Holli and I took a weekend trip from Boston where we live to New York in January to see a show and have a little getaway. It was during a severe ice and sleet/snow storm, so extra packing (waterproof shoes, extra rain jacket, etc.) was required, in addition to a jacket for dinner and the theatre, workout clothes, etc.

This isn’t a problem for the Onli Venture™ Backpack, which is designed to expand when needed into a weekender bag. We’ve designed the Onli Travel cube system to fit perfectly in the backpack as well. I commute to work with the backpack, so the night before I simply unzipped and expanded it, packed what I needed in the cubes (including everything mentioned above!), went off to work in the morning, and then met Holli at the train station. I had everything I needed for a rough-weather weekend, and the getaway was easy! Once in New York, we used the rear unit of the backpack for wandering around the city, shopping, and hanging out in cafes with friends. It sleeted and iced, but the backpack is essentially waterproof, and we had no worries.

I love it when travel is this easy! The Onli Travel system is designed to make travel less stressful and more flexible. That’s why we created the Onli bag!

We shot the video above on Friday night, after we had dinner and got to our hotel. It demonstrates that I am not a great actor, but also how easy it is to get away for a weekend with this system!

We’re launching on Kickstarter in March, and I hope we have many more stories like this to share. If you know anyone who would be interested in this kind of easier, more flexible One Bag Travel, encourage them to sign up on our website (, so that we can tell them when we launch.

Thank You, and Happy Traveling!