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Update on Manufacturing, Quality, and Shipping

Here’s an update on our progress in the production, quality assurance, and shipping of the new Revolution Series:

  • Production: Our initial order has now been fully produced. Congratulations to our manufacturing team!
  • Quality assurance: We sent two members of our US team to Vietnam to supplement the independent inspection team we use in Vietnam (who report directly to us, not to the factory.) The quality was generally very good, but we found one necessary improvement. One of the patent pending features of the new Revolution Rolling Pack is a security loop at the end of the attachment zipper, which can be looped over the zipper puller to further secure the zipper. We had specified this to be double stitched for strength and security, but we found that it was only single stitched on some of the bags. We agreed with the factory on 100% inspection to correct this on all bags, and they are carrying this out now. Here are some photos of the correction being applied, and our overall inspection visit:
  • Shipping: Most of our smaller shipments to international destinations have now been re-inspected and shipped. We anticipate arrival-at-port dates in September or early October for the shipments to Japan, Germany, Canada, and the UK. The US shipments are larger, and we should have target port ETAs for the US shipments in a week or two. Processing time at the destination port can vary, depending in part on Covid-related supply chain issues, but we will keep everyone informed.


Producing a revolutionary new product through the course of the Covid pandemic hasn’t been easy, but we’ve been able to maintain our focus on quality and getting it right! We’re excited to be shipping to customers soon, and will keep everyone updated as we progress.


Happy Traveling!


Dave and the Onli Travel Team