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Perspectives on Stress-Reduced Travel

We've all heard some of the horror stories about what has happened to checked bags this summer. No wonder our motto is "Never Check a Bag Again!" Here's a photo of what it has been like this summer: 

Here's a sampling of representative articles about this meltdown:

Of course, travel is less stressful when you don't check a bag. You are freer and more flexible when you don't check a bag. You don't have to wait in lines or pay fees to check your bag. You get out of the airport more quickly. You don't have to wait in the crowded jetbridge breathing everyone else's sweat hoping your bag will come up soon.

Here are some additional perspectives on stress-reduced travel.

Travel is supposed to be freeing and fun. It’s supposed to bring great experiences, adventures, connections, relationships, and accomplishments. As travel returns, we want to capture these things… not the stress of flights that are getting crowded again, being jammed up in the jet-bridge waiting for gate-checked bags, etc.

I had never thought before about backpacks and luggage as vehicles for stress reduction until we started Onli Travel. But, they actually are. Consider: 

  • Modular luggage eliminates the stress of checking a bag, or being forced to gate-check your belongings.
  • Packing cubes that help you to remember items and are sized to fit the bag perfectly, reducing the stress of packing.
  • Having a backpack that straps to the seat in front of you and becomes a workstation reduces the stress of not having your items easily available, and gives you the legroom you need to relax.
  • Expandable backpacks and luggage reduce stress if you accumulate things on your trip.
  • Intuitive organization and design reduces the stress of trying to find something during your trip.
  • Traveling with only one bag helps you to lug less, and enjoy more!

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that almost every major attribute of our products is a stress reducer. Water resistant fabrics – less stress if it rains. Lockable zippers – less worry about theft. TSA Checkpoint-Friendly design – less fumbling around at security. Unzip your backpack and go – no need to lug extra stuff around.

 Stress reduction has actually become something we think about specifically now in our product design efforts.  The Revolution Rolling Pack has been designed to help you travel with less stress. We were on to this even before the Great Summer Meltdown. We'll stay on it!

For now, Happy Traveling, and thanks for indulging this bit of shared philosophy!

Dave, and the Onli Travel team