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Thoughts on Summer Travel


This is going to be a tough summer for travel. Reduced airline capacity will mean full flights and high prices. As a recent column in the Wall Street Journal noted:

“Anyone who has traveled recently has likely already observed full airports, long lines and stranded passengers trying to reach a live customer-service agent. With more Americans heading out on vacation and business trips in the coming weeks, the travel system will be put to the test—and so will we.” 

We all want travel to be easier again! At Onli Travel, our mission is to find innovative ways to make travel freer and easier and less stressful. It looks like our solutions are going to be more needed than ever this summer:

  • Prices too high? Save at least a little money by avoiding checked baggage fees. Carry everything on!
  • Plane too crowded? Split our modular bag into separate pieces so that you can find places to stow it, and avoid having to gate check it.
  • Stuck in the middle seat? Use our front unit as an in-flight entertainment or work station by strapping it to the tray on the seat in front of you, giving you legroom, access to your items during flight, and a perfect place to put your tablet or iPad.

I wish I could report better news… I’d much rather be using our products for the positive joy of wandering easily where you want to, feeling unencumbered and able to pick your own direction. But, the reality is that travel is not back to normal, at least yet. Hopefully, if you do travel this summer, you’ll have a good experience. If not, maybe the full recovery will begin after the summer rush is over.

We’ll all be watching for it!

Dave, and the Onli Travel Team