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Completion of Kickstarter campaign and launch on Indiegogo!

Hello, Onli Travel Community!

Here is an update on our progress.


We’re really pleased with the results of our Kickstarter Campaign to launch our latest product, the Revolution Rolling Pack. Over 500 people backed the project, giving us support and exposure in advance of the product’s arrival, as we work through Covid-related supply chain challenges. We’re very grateful to our backers, and look forward to delivering the products in the August/September timeframe!

As you can see from the pop-up currently on our website, we’ve followed the Kickstarter campaign with a Campaign on Indiegogo, which is currently ongoing. So, if you are interested in pre-ordering any of the Revolution Series, you can order it on Indiegogo, at prices discounted off the retail price.

We are manufacturing the product now in our factory in Vietnam. This has not been without it’s Covid related challenges. For example, the Chinese “Covid-zero” policy (which means they lock down any location with positive Covid cases) has shut down a lot of Chinese capacity, so they have shifted production to Vietnamese facilities, which has put a strain on the available labor market. This has slowed our production somewhat, as we have to make all the sub-components in-house, as there is no high-quality component outsourcing capacity available. Nevertheless, we are making good progress and fully maintaining our quality standards. Here are a couple of photos:

We anticipate receiving the product some time between late August and mid-September, and we will open our website for e-commerce at that time. Until then, as noted above, the product can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo.