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Spotlight on Pockets and Compartments

A number of people have asked about our internal organization, and it’s a great question… and, frankly, one that maybe we haven’t paid enough attention to in the campaign so far. This post is a bit long, as we have a lot of pockets and compartments in the Revolution Rolling Pack! However, if you’re curious, you’ll learn most of what you want to know about pockets and compartments in this post.

Our “pocket philosophy” comes down to the following:

  • Provide “one zip” quick access to what you need
  • Storage should be intuitive and ergonomic - your belongings should naturally find their place
  • Anticipate what travelers most commonly carry and need, but provide flexibility as well

It’s amazing how many bags don’t do these three simple things!



Our front Messenger Tote Pack is the main focal point for quick access. This is also the organization system that got rave reviews from the users of our first product, (the Venture Rolling Pack), so we kept much of it the same for the Revolution Rolling Pack. 


In the RFID-shielded top front pocket is a dedicated, padded iPad/tablet pocket, because that’s typically what you grab first on the airplane. Also, there’s a dedicated pocket for your phone, and one for your extra battery… and they are next to each other (with a small compartment for connection cords) so that you can charge your phone inside the bag, if you want to. We did not, however, build a battery into the bag, as some manufacturers have done, as that has led to overheating problems. Whether you carry an extra charger is your decision, not the bag manufacturers!

We also integrated cable management into the top front pocket, with small entries on both sides of the bag, so you can run a charging cord to an exterior plug. Slots for pens and cards, a keychain, two 60/40 split mesh pockets in the front shelf, and lockable zippers complete an incredibly effective organization system. And, of course, the unique shelf that zips down to create a place for your iPad on the plane is also included.


We didn’t stop there. On the bottom front pocket we incorporated two pleated quick-stash convenience pockets… perfect for receipts, tickets, maps, etc. The bottom front pocket is also designed to perfectly fit our cords & chargers cube and our 3-1-1 cube (which is sized to TSA specifications). These two items need to be quickly accessible, so we created the perfect place for them. That said, the bottom front pocket has three large mesh pockets, for organizing and stowing anything you want!


A hidden, zip-out water bottle pocket, and a dedicated pocket for a 17” laptop complete the Messenger Tote Pack… in total, there are six major pockets, 9 compartments, and 12 other organizing features… if I counted correctly!




On the rear Expandable Daypack, we “mirrored” the configuration of the front pockets with subtle changes to incorporate a flatter profile when not expanded. The top front pocket is minimalistically organized, and the bottom front pocket perfectly stows cords and chargers. The dedicated/padded spaces for a 17” laptop and a tablet are on the interior, quickly accessed through the “opens like a suitcase” main pocket.

The expansion gusset of the Expandable Daypack contains two water bottle or umbrella holders. The padded rear panel has a “pass-through slot” so that you can slip the bag over a rolling suitcase handle if you want to. And, on the bottom, a hidden pocket reveals a cover that can zip over the padding to protect it when deployed to the rear, and which cleverly serves as a sling for rolled items if strapped to the front.



The Expandable Spinner has two side pockets (handy for umbrellas, water bottles, or to stuff a light-weight jacket, as well as another quick-stash convenience pocket. The interior incorporates three mesh pockets… one, in the door, is large enough to hold a suit or jacket, and the other two along the interior sides, are handy for stuffing and organizing smaller items.


Put it all together, and you’ve got a system that will keep you organized and make quick access easy… if that’s what you like! If you are more of a free-form packer, there’s plenty of larger spaces where you can stuff things as much as you’d like.


Happy Traveling!

Dave and the Onli Travel Team