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WELCOME TO ONLI TRAVEL! The Future of Travel Is Modular.MODULAR LUGGAGE ZIPS INTO 3 PIECES. Never Check a Bag Again!STRESS REDUCED TRAVEL! Great gifts for Travelers!ORGANIZATION THAT ANTICIPATES. Packing Cubes that Help You!

We Are Live on Kickstarter Now!

The modular travel revolution has begun!

The Revolution Rolling Pack from Onli Travel, and the entire Revolution product line are now live on Kickstarter! Please click below to see our campaign!

Launch discounts of up to 40% are available on Kickstarter while they last!

We sincerely and appreciatively thank all of you who have shown an interest in our products, and everyone who has helped get us to this launch! This is an important milestone for our company. Thank you!

If you back our campaign, you will be getting an amazing product - the world’s first modular, recombinable, three-part 4 wheel spinner - and you’ll be helping a small entrepreneurial company succeed in its mission to make travel freer, more flexible, easier, and less stressful! And, you’ll be getting a great deal!


If you would like to learn more about how Kickstarter works, and why entrepreneurs use it to launch innovative new products, click Here!

We have worked for two years to perfect every feature of this bag!

Here’s what people have been saying about the Revolution Rolling Pack at the Travel and Adventure shows we have been attending:



Here’s some other information about our campaign:


  • Yes! We are offering an All-In-One Bundle, which includes packing cubes and a hip belt, at a further discount!
  • Yes, we are offering an additional discount, called the “Double Up” if you purchase two All-In-One Bundles!
  • Yes, we are shipping all over the world! (If your country is not listed, ask about it in the campaign, and we’ll see if we can add it!)
  • Yes, you can buy the three components, or the amazing Double Pack, separately if you want to! 


If you’d like more information about the product Visit our Kickstarter campaign page now! You’ll find videos, details on every component, a full explanation of our Packing Cubes, and a wealth of additional information! Just ask if there’s something you would like to know!


Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you on Kickstarter!


Dave and the Onli Travel Team