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How Kickstarter Works (and How to Get the Best Deal!)

We have launched our new Revolution Rolling Pack on Kickstarter! This blog post explains how Kickstarter works, how to be a part of our launch and how to get the best deal (hint: act quickly!)



    Click here to visit our Kickstarter page, and see the detailed explanation (with videos and graphics) of our product, and the different offers available:


    This will take you to our “campaign page” on Kickstarter, where you can view our campaign. This might be the easiest way for many people to understand Kickstarter! (You can always return here for an explanation if you have questions.) You can also get a feel for the discounts which are available during the Kickstarter campaign.



    Kickstarter is a website ( that helps new products or ideas launch. Companies agree to launch their products first on Kickstarter, and Kickstarter provides a platform where the companies can offer their products (usually at a substantial discount). Consumers benefit by getting innovative new products first, usually at well below the retail price.

    To buy a product on Kickstarter (or “pledge to a campaign” in Kickstarter’s language), you need to have a Kickstarter account. This is quick and easy to set up - basically just an email address and a method of payment.

    The company offering the new product opens a “campaign” on Kickstarter, and offers the product at a discount in return for pledges from interested customers. The campaign usually lasts 30 to 45 days, during which time the product is not available anywhere else. The company sets a goal for the campaign; if the goal is not met, everyone’s money is refunded. If the goal is met, the funds are collected, and the company then delivers the product. This helps a lot of young companies with good ideas get started because Kickstarter provides a large market, but even bigger companies often use Kickstarter.




    Companies offer their new products at a discount, with the earliest purchases or pledges usually receiving the biggest discounts. This is because the earliest pledges help get the campaign going and spread the word about the new product. So, as a customer, you get the best deal if you pledge early in the campaign. Most companies set up a structure with an earliest “Super Early Bird” lowest price, followed by an “Early Bird” price, followed by a “Kickstarter Discount” price.

    For example, our new Revolution Rolling Pack will be priced at $120 off of retail for the “Super Early Bird” pledges or purchases. For the next “Early Bird” tier, it will be priced at $100 off of retail.




    So, here are our recommendations for getting the best deal on Kickstarter!

    • As noted above, it helps to have your Kickstarter account set up advance of the campaign starting.
    • Look through the product line, and know what you want!
    • Make your purchase or pledge as soon as you can after the campaign opens.
    • The larger purchases are usually the best deals. For example, the All-in-One-Bundle (which includes packing cubes and a hip belt) is a bigger discount to retail than the Revolution Rolling Pack, and the “Double Up” option (purchasing two All-in-One Bundles) is a larger discount again.
    • If you have questions, ask! The company launching the new product will answer the questions on Kickstarter, so everyone in the community backing the campaign benefits.

    Once the campaign ends, there will be a “survey” sent out to everyone who has backed the campaign. This is usually when you select colors and specify your shipping address, and you can usually do add on purchases at that point also.

    We hope this blog post is helpful to you in understanding how Kickstarter works. We’re excited about our launch, and looking forward to bringing the Revolution Rolling Pack to the world. Let the modular revolution begin!

    Happy Traveling!

    Dave and the Onli Travel team