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A Note on Colors

Several people have asked us for some more detail on the colors the Revolution Rolling Pack will be offered in. You can see the six colors we will be offering in an artist’s rendition Here. Just toggle through the menu at the top of the listing to see the various colors.

The heather grey shown first in the link above is the timeless color that Onli Travel has become known for - it works in nearly all environments, does not show dirt easily, looks great, and distinguishes the bag from more common colors.

Our second color will be black, in a very strong ballistic nylon - a classic for high quality luggage. It looks great on our bag!

The other four colors are more “specialty colors” - unique, and produced in smaller quantities. Below, we have some high quality photos of each, so that you hopefully can see the texture and look of the fabric.

First, we have Dark Olive:


Next, Ensign Blue:


And next is Vintage Indigo:


And finally, Zinfandel:


All of these fabrics are rugged nylon, coated for water resistance, just like our original heather grey. You can rely on them!

When we launch on Kickstarter, the color will be chosen (on a first-come-first-served basis) in the survey that backers fill out at the end of the campaign. Hopefully these photos, along with your personal preferences, will help you to make the choice that is right for you!


Happy Traveling!

Dave and the Onli Travel Team

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