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Washington DC Travel Show - First Showing of the Revolution Rolling Pack!

As mentioned earlier in our blog, we are attending four Travel and Adventure shows to introduce the world to the Revolution Rolling Pack in person, before we launch on Kickstarter later this month. The first of these was last weekend in Washington DC, and it was a great coming out party for our new product! 

Here’s a video that a journalist from Learn2TravelTV took of me presenting the new bag: 

Here’s a snapshot of our booth before the show opened:

And, here is the reaction of the very first person to see the Revolution Rolling Pack!

And here we are presenting the product:

Despite all that is done over the internet, there is no substitute for talking with people in person about something new and innovative. We really appreciated all the discussions, feedback and ideas, enthusiasm, and support! Thank you to everyone who visited our booth!


For those who would like to meet us in person, there are still three more shows we are attending, over the next three weekends. Details are Here


Happy Traveling! 


Dave and the Onli Travel team

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