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Packing Cubes (Full Set)

SKU: ONL-003
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- All 8 of our innovative, task-specific packing cubes!

- Fits perfectly with the Revolution Rolling Pack or Revolution Double Pack.

- Organizes, eases, and optimizes your packing for you!

- Light, self-repairing fabrics with innovative designs.

- Learn more about our cube system here.

-See a packing demonstration here.


This package features all eight cubes: shirts/pants folder, socks/underwear cube, cords/chargers cube, toiletries cube, 2 x shoe case, 3-1-1 cube, small items cube and suit folder. Effortlessly pack for a trip of virtually any type or duration. The cube system helps you organize your packing and use space in an optimum way. And, the system is designed to integrate together and use the space within either the Onli Travel Venture Suitcase or Backpack perfectly.

Shirts/Pants Folder: This innovative packing folder is divided into two separate sections, one for pants or bottoms and another for tops or shirts. Or, one for clean clothes, and the other side for dirty. On the inside of both sections are printed illustrations on how to fold the clothes. The shirts/pants folder is made of lightweight wolverine mesh fabric that can “repair” small punctures to its surface, and fits the Onli Travel Venture Suitcase or Backpack perfectly.

2x Shoe Case: This cube can fit not one, but two pairs of shoes inside! Made out of lightweight wolverine mesh fabric that “repairs” itself in case of a small puncture, it features two parallel zippers attached together by a handle, allowing you to pull both zippers at the same time. Velcro straps assist in compacting the cube if carrying bulky footwear, to save on packing space. And, it’s designed to fit perfectly in the Onli Travel Venture Suitcase or Backpack.

Socks/Underwear Cube: This cube is divided between two separate compartments, with odor-blocking transparent material to divide your clothes between dirty and clean. No more need to pack a separate dirty clothes bag! Both sides are enclosed with high quality YKK zippers to keep your clothes and underwear secure. It fits perfectly as part of the cube system in the Onli Venture Suitcase or Backpack.

Toiletries Cube:  The toiletries cube features four different compartments to organize your toiletries.Two side pockets are each enclosed with a high quality YKK zipper. The main compartment has enough space to fit most toiletry items. An additional expansion compartment is innovatively placed on the bottom, accessed by a zipper encompassing most of the entire compartment. This is the perfect place to store additional brushes, makeup, or combs. The majority of the cube consists of wolverine mesh with the ability to “repair” small punctures to its surface. And, it fits perfectly in the Onli Travel Venture Suitcase or Backpack.

Small Items Cube: This cube is made of wolverine fabric, an advanced material, which will “repair'' small punctures to the fabric. It features a “u” shaped zipper pattern for easy opening and closing. The small items cube is lightweight and great for holding “small items” such as jewelry, additional socks, workout clothes, etc.

Cords/Chargers Cube: This cube is perfect for holding your cables, cords, chargers and converters necessary for all your electronics. It includes a convenient grab handle, and is made out of lightweight wolverine mesh self-repairing fabric, which will “repair” small punctures to the fabric. This cube is designed to fit perfectly along with the 3-1-1 cube in the lower front pocket of the Onli Venture Backpack for quick access.

3-1-1 Cube: Made of transparent material that is compliant for TSA and CATSA security screening at airports across North America. It is the exact one quart size mandated for liquids by the TSA. This cube is, like the Cords/Chargers cube, designed to fit perfectly in the bottom front pocket of the Onli Backpack for quick access at the airport. If you’re not going to the airport, it’s also perfect for carrying anything that might get wet, such as a lightweight raincoat.

Suit Folder: The suit folder is the perfect solution for traveling with a suit or dress for business or an event. It is made of lightweight wolverine mesh fabric that will “repair” small punctures on the surface. The suit folder has three creases built-in allowing for easy folding and two velcro straps to hold the suit folder together perfectly after folding it. Fits perfectly into the Onli Travel Venture Backpack or Rolling Bag, and will also fit in the flat clothing space behind the computer case.


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