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Traveling with the Revolution™ Double Pack

Our previous blog posts have described the new Revolution Messenger Tote Pack and the Revolution Expandable Daypack. Today’s post talks about the integration of the two into the...

Building a Better Spinner

Today’s post profiles the development of the Revolution™ Expandable Spinner, the center-piece of the Revolution™ Rolling Pack.

Inventing the Revolution Expandable Daypack

Today’s post is about the invention of the Revolution™ Expandable Daypack, the “rear unit” of the Revolution™ Rolling Pack. 

How the Messenger Tote Pack was created

Today’s blog post focuses on the Messenger Tote Pack, the front unit of the three-part Revolution Rolling Pack.

The Revolution is Coming! Our Major New Product Announcement – The Full Story!

We’ve been working on a great new product, with the goal of surpassing anything we’ve done so far to make travel better. We started by reviewing the feedback from...

The Revolution is Coming!

If you have been waiting to join the modular travel revolution, this is the product you’ve been waiting for.

Winning the War on Small Regional Jets

We had legroom on both flights, and avoided lugging our bags back to the jet-bridge to be gate-checked, like several passengers did. And, of course, we walked past the...

Supply Challenges Update

Due to COVID and supply related issues we are going to be out of inventory for a little while, as our stock is already low.

Our new packing cube video!

We have a new full-length video about our packing cube set! This new video gives you a summary of our packing cubes in a quarter of the time...

Meet the Onli Travel founders in Silicon Valley!

Come meet the Onli Travel Founders at the b8ta stores in San Jose and Palo Alto on August 28th and 29th!