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Configuration Options

We’ve had a number of requests to provide some additional information on the different configurations that are possible with the modular Revolution Rolling Pack

2022 Review and 2023 Outlook

2022 is in the books… and it was a remarkable year! We introduced our frame-breaking new product, the Revolution Rolling Pack (and the entire Revolution Series !)  to the...

Revolution Rolling Pack on a 10-day trip to Vietnam

I couldn’t think of a better scenario to put the Revolution Rolling Pack to the test!

Update on Manufacturing, Quality, and Shipping

Here’s an update on our progress in the production, quality assurance, and shipping of the new Revolution Series.

Spotlight on Pockets and Compartments

A number of people have asked about our internal organization, and it’s a great question… and, frankly, one that maybe we haven’t paid enough attention to in the...

How Kickstarter Works (and How to Get the Best Deal!)

This blog post explains how Kickstarter works and how get the best price on Kickstarter.

A Note on Colors

Several people have asked us for some more detail on the colors the Revolution Rolling Pack will be offered in. You can see the six colors we will be offering...

Washington DC Travel Show - First Showing of the Revolution Rolling Pack!

As mentioned earlier in our blog, we are attending four Travel and Adventure shows to introduce the world to the Revolution Rolling Pack in person, before we launch on Kickstarter...

Quality Improvements

 Quality is built into our design. Quality is at the intersection of innovative design, detail orientation, and hard work.

Our Fourth Sample - Product Development is Completed!

We got our fourth sample a couple of weeks ago. The fourth sample met our objectives. We are ready to move into production!